Spring 2005 Adult Classes

New Testiment Survey Part III

A general overview of the entire New Testiment designed to put the individual books of the Bible into a historical framework and establishing Kingdom principles. This approach should increase your understanding of Bible charactors and events and their significance in God’s glory.


The Book of James

James is a Bible study which a challenge to Christians of every age to keep on growing. Participants will learn that by faith we are born into the family of God; but more than justified infants, He wants mature daughters and sons.


Life Perspectives, Part II

How we see life is determined by what we believe. Take an in-depth look at the doctrines of the Bible and how they are to affect the way we live.


Follow Me, Walking with God

“FOLLOW ME!” This is Jesus’ command to every Christian. But how does someone follow Jesus today? This guide completes the study of Matthew’s gospel begun in the previous book in the ‘Walking with God ‘ series (The Incomparable Jesus). You cannot remain the same after you see what Jesus has done for you– and you’ll want to follow wherever he leads